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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell kicks off at the New Year party!

EastEnders Louise Mitchell with Bex Fowler
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Louise Mitchell gets tired and emotional after one drink too many, Tiff tries to make up with Bernadette and Mel fears her revenge plan has been derailed.

In The Queen Vic, the New Year’s Eve celebration kicks off and Louise is determined to make the most of the evening. After asking Bex to buy her booze, Louise gets steaming drunk and she makes a huge scene in front of Keanu and Ray!

Bernadette Taylor with Tiffany Butcher

Tiffany tries to make things up to Bernadette

Tiffany feels really awful when she realises she’s left Bernadette very upset after standing her up to go out partying with Evie. Tiff does her best to make things up to her friend, but can Bernadette forgive her?

Mel is confident that her plan to take revenge on Ray is moving along smoothly. It's all systems go with the wedding set for the next day.

But a few little things make her worry that Ray may be onto her and she asks Shirley to find a way to keep Ray away from the house. Thinking she’s home alone, Mel starts to get emotional, ranting aloud about Ray. Mel is horrified when she realises that she’s not alone after all… Hunter is in the house and has overheard everything! Can she stop him from guessing the truth about her plans?

EastEnders continues on BBC1 on New Year’s Day