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EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen needs to sort out the missing money!

Eastenders -Mel Owen Sharon Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Mel has a run in with Sharon and Phil over the stolen cash from the club, Kim recovers from her collapse, and Masood gets a date.

Mel Owen confronts Hunter and demands that he admit to his lies. Hunter admits to it all but insists he only said what he did because he doesn’t think Jack is good enough for his mum. Hunter does say, however, that he didn’t have anything to do with taking the money from the safe. When Mel doubts him, Hunter is fuming. Wanting to vent his frustration, he finds Louise and has a go at her for blabbing to his mum.

Mel confronts Louise about Hunter

Mel visits Phil and threatens to tell Sharon that they shared a kiss - in a bid to stop Phil from forcing her to pay back the missing money from E20.

Agreeing to soften the blow a little, Phil says instead he’ll take the money out of her wages over two years. When Sharon speaks to Louise, however, she tells Phil that Hunter stole the money. Sharon insists that she will sort it out...

Masood on a dating website

Masood and Arshad try to think of a way to get close to businessman Habib Hussein.

When Arshad and Masood realise that he has a daughter, they manage to find her on a dating website. Will Masood arrange to meet up with her?

Also, Kim has a scan after her collapse and is relieved to discover the baby is fine.