EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter is involved in a baby drama!

Mick Carter helps a pregnant Jeanette in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Mick Carter finds himself in the middle of a baby emergency, Sonia Fowler plans a surprise for her dad and Ruby Fowler gets devastating news

Mick Carter plays the hero of the hour when a woman goes into labour in a special Tuesday hour-long episode of EastEnders (7.35 pm, see our TV Guide for full listings).

Mick Carter is still struggling with his emotions over wife Linda Carter’s pregnancy, knowing that she’s carrying Max Branning’s baby. Linda is due to go to her first scan and Mick promises to meet her there.

Twisted up in knots over whether Mick will really be able to care for another man’s child, Linda is worried. A chat with Nancy leaves her feeling less than reassured.

Mick Carter meets cabbie Jeanette in EastEnders

Mick Carter meets cabbie Jeanette - played by Danny Dyer's real-life daughter Dani Dyer! (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

After a run of bad luck, Mick is late for the scan and he hails a black cab to take him to the hospital. The cabbie, Jeannette (played by guest star Dani Dyer), is heavily pregnant and as they set off, Jeanette’s waters break! 

Mick takes control and hops in the driving seat, determined to get Jeannette to the hospital on time!

After the drama, Mick has a heart-to-heart with Linda, who tells him that she’s made a decision about her baby. When he insists he’ll love the child no matter what, will she feel reassured?

Rocky Cant is still hoping to win round object of his affections Kathy Beale but when he tries his luck with her again he gets nowhere! His daughter Sonia Fowler suddenly interrupts, revealing she’s got a leak in her kitchen.

Insisting he can help her out, Sonia agrees, but she’s wary that he’s not as good at plumbing as he’s saying. When his attempts to fix her leak end in disaster she’s forced to call in a professional.

After exchanging a few choice words with Rocky, she feels guilty about how she spoke to him. Wanting to make things up to him, Sonia tries to find out what he’s doing on Father’s Day.

Rocky Cant helps in the cafe in EastEnders

Rocky Cant helps out in the cafe impressing daughter Sonia Fowler (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Sonia is touched after Rocky steps in to help Kathy out at the cafe and boasts to the customers about his daughter. Rocky’s good deed at the cafe is appreciated by Kathy, who sees him in a new light, agreeing to take his number.

Ruby Fowler has made a ‘worry box’ for her step kids after a suggestion from teacher Isaac Baptiste, telling them they can post any of their worries into the box where no one will be able to read them.

Lily Fowler is sceptical about the idea, but goes along with it and it’s not long before Ruby can’t resist peeking in the box. When Lily finds out that Ruby has gone back on her word, she feels tricked and is furious. 

Ruby and Martin see a doctor in EastEnders

Ruby Fowler and Martin Fowler have suffered heartbreak in the past over Ruby's attempts to get pregnant

Ruby’s day suddenly takes a really bad turn when she doubles over in pain. After a visit to the GP, Ruby is left devastated as she’s pregnant but the doctor thinks she’ll miscarry

After confiding in Jean Slater, she feels comforted when Jean suggests she write her own worry for the box.

Ruby is called by the school to pick up Lily after telling husband Martin Fowler the bad news about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Martin shares his upset with Zack Hudson, revealing how helpless he feels.

After Ruby discovers that Lily has read the note she put in the worry the box, she’s touched by Lily’s kind words when she reassures her that she’ll be a great mum someday.

Ruby’s miscarriage starts and after the ordeal she spends the evening with Lily, feeling reassured over finally finding her feet as a step-mum.

Keegan Butcher-Baker enters a street food competition after a tip off about it from Gray Atkins. He’s shortlisted for the award and they book him in for a photoshoot.

Wife Tiffany Butcher-Baker, however, seems sad and distracted. She confesses that she’s not sure what to do with her life. When Tiff gets an idea about starting a social media page for the business, Keegan is onboard.

Rainie Highway is upset in EastEnders

Stuart Highway worries about wife Rainie Highway, who is grief stricken over losing baby Abi (Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Also, Rainie Highway is in bits after losing baby Abi Branning to her dad Max Branning and is more determined than ever to find a surrogate.

Due to the Euro 2020 football tournament, EastEnders continues on BBC1 on Wednesday at 8.10 pm.

All episodes this week will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer from Monday 14 June.

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