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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell is still breaking Keanu's heart!

EastEnders Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Keanu doesn't want to let Sharon go, Mel's fears over Hunter grow and she talks to Phil, Jay helps Ruby after the shock break in.

Keanu is struggling to keep things going with Louise after confronting Sharon. When Sharon makes it clear to Keanu that it’s over between them, Keanu doesn't want to believe it. Not wanting to let her go, Keanu makes a touching gesture. But will it get him in trouble?

Mel is shaken after Nicola and Maddie’s appearance on her doorstep. Despite trying to get them out of the house, they refuse to leave until they get answers about Ray. Mel insists that she knows nothing about his whereabouts.

The next day, Hunter spies Maddie and Nicola watching them. Will he get them to leave? Later, Jack shares his concerns about Hunter with Mel. When she looks at the CCTV footage of Hunter in the club she goes cold as she realises what Jack means. Mel turns to Phil for advice but can he help her? Hunter attempts to reassure Mel that he’s fine…

EastEnders Mick Carter and Mitch Baker

Mick is unhappy that Mitch has brought him a wheelchair to get to his course.

Mitch brings an old wheelchair to The Vic to make good his promise of getting Mick to his coaching course on time. The Carters are less than impressed with Mitch’s efforts, especially when he unexpectedly rushes off.

Also, Jay reports the break in at Ruby’s to the police and he later tells Ruby that he’d like to see her again.

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