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Elly and Mark go on a date!

Will Paige get jealous over Mark and Elly's budding relationship?

Paige is upset by Mark's decision to take Elly to the vineyard. Will Mark and Elly feel attracted to each other? Meanwhile, Jack apologises to Paige about his stand-offish behaviour and agrees that there is no point trying to re-write their relationship history. Does Paige feel the same way?

With encouragement from Sheila, Xanthe starts her work experience at the hospital. Karl is quick to notice that she's not her usual confident self. Sheila worries that Xanthe won't last the day, so she decides to check up on her and scores a surprise lunch invite from Dr Clive Gibbons in the process. However, things take a turn at the hospital when Karl is forced to question Xanthe about the missing painkillers. Is Xanthe guilty?