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Emma and Howard kiss!

(Image credit: BBC)

At the coffee shop, Emma and Howard have a terrible date – in fact Emma even falls asleep. When she wakes, she's mortified and suggests they should do something nice at the weekend.  Howard agrees and they share a tender kiss.

Two patients, Mel and Aidan, realise they know each other from their school days. Niamh learns that Mel's been swallowing metal objects since her mother died - it was her way of coping. Aidan overhears and Mel shouts at him to get out. He refuses and we're left with a sense that this odd couple could have a future.

When Sharon goes into labour, Heston reports that the baby's heart rate is falling and Ruhma suggests they try the McRoberts Manouvre. The move is a success and the baby is safely delivered. Ruhma and Heston look at each other with respect and it's clear Ruhma has made a real impression on the GP.

Also, Ayesha finds out that she's in the clear – the drug tests back up her story.