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Emmerdale spoilers: Why does Jacob STROP OFF when Priya invites him for lunch?

Priya is dumbfounded by Jacob's behaviour in Emmerdale

Feeling sorry for Jacob in the wake of his shoddy GCSE results, Priya reaches out in sympathy but soon regrets her kindness!

Picking up from the previous episode of Emmerdale, Priya's lunch date with Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) has disintegrated into a row. Priya's motherly affection for the teen, who is an ex of his dad David's (Matthew Wolfenden) and mother to his half-sister Amba, is tested to its limit!

Priya is left regretting reaching out to the lad, following his disastrous GCSE results, and is dumbfounded by Jacob's stroppy behaviour! But what's got the teen all twisted up?

Priya is dumbfounded by Jacob's behaviour in Emmerdale

Priya's lunch with stroppy snarly Jacob is a write-off

Elsewhere, as guilt continues to eat away at Kerry (Laura Norton) and Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) for starting the fire which killed Frank, they agree to help his grieving daughters Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) and Tracy (Amy Walsh).

This the second of tonight's visits to Emmerdale on ITV.