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Emmerdale spoiler: Can Vanessa save Charity from being double-crossed?

Vanessa Woodfield
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Can Vanessa Woodfield save her fiancee Charity Dingle from being double-crossed?

After finding out Charity Dingle was in the midst of a grubby money-making plot, her fiancee Vanessa Woodfield wasn't impressed.

But when Charity (Emma Atkins) waltzed off to an awards do at Home Farm with her intended target, Mike, as her 'date', horrified Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) later learned Mike was planning to double-cross Charity!

Not about to let anything bad happen to her beloved, whatever the circumstances, above-board Vanessa was compelled to step in to help... As the saga comes to a head, will the vet end up saving the day?

Emmerdale continues on ITV next week.