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Emmerdale spoilers! Beaten Cain Dingle panics over his killer secret about JOE TATE

Cain Dingle refuses to go to the police about his attack as he's worried he may reveal what happened to Joe Tate

At Butler's, Cain Dingle's loved ones are fussing round him. His injuries from his ordeal with Isaac, who also attacked Matty Barton, are horrific. When Victoria arrives at the farm, she's shocked at the sight of him - and even more so when Cain reasons he won't be reporting the crime to the police.

Later, in a moment alone with his wife Moira, Cain admits he's worried that he could confess to Joe Tate's murder if the police were to start questioning him about what happened when he was attacked by Isaac. Deeply shaken by what's been going on his life, and the huge secret he's harbouring about Joe Tate, Cain is a man on a knife's edge.

Up at the cricket pavilion, homeless sex-worker addict Dawn takes shelter, slumping to the floor before getting stuck into a bag of heroin…

At the hospital following her allergic reaction to some Botox injections, Bernice is in intensive care surrounded by her desperately worried family.

First episode of Emmerdale this evening.