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Emmerdale spoilers: What's the scoop? A reporter comes asking questions about the bones at the school

Police in Emmerdale

The village turned into a crime scene when a baby's skeleton was found buried at the school and the story is about to hit the press…

Big news floored headmistress Jessie Dingle (Sandra Marvin) when she learned the bones of a baby had been found buried in the ground at the school in Emmerdale.

As the police investigated, they discovered that the tot's mum was a 16-year-old called Jenny Finn who looked a lot like one of the villagers…

Now, a reporter has got hold of the story and has come looking for answers.

Elsewhere, Nate (Jurell Carter) tells Pete (Anthony Quinlan) he's been fired from Butler's while Debbie (Charley Webb) re-employs Will (Dean Andrews) at the garage.