Emmerdale spoilers! Furious Charity Dingle is dragged into a break in!

Charity hides from Priya in Emmerdale

Sarah breaks into Holdgate Farm in a bid to help her granny Charity Dingle, who gets sucked into the teenager's crime

Emmerdale's Charity Dingle is hopping mad in Friday's episode from 7pm (see our TV Guide for full listings).

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is having trouble tracking down Kirin Kotecha, her fiancee Vanessa's (Michelle Hardwick) ex who's the father of Vanessa's son Johnny.

But Charity hasn't given up her tricky search quite yet and certainly doesn't want or need any help from her teenage granddaughter Sarah (Katie Hill).

But that's just what she's about to get, and Sarah's plan to 'help' ends up dragging her furious gran into a break in!

With Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) having told Sarah that Priya knows more about Kirin than she's letting on, Sarah decides to sneak in to Holdgate Farm to have a rummage around for clues.

But after hopping through a window when the coast is clear, will Sarah find any evidence that connects Priya to her ex Rakesh's AWOL son Kirin?

Sarah hides from Priya in Emmerdale

Sarah breaks into the Sharma' home, Holdgate Farm, hoping to find clues which might help her gran Charity Dingle locate AWOL Kirin Kotecha who's the dad of Vanessa's baby and the son of Priya Sharma's ex Rakesh

As Sarah's snooping about, pocketing jewellery as she goes (thinking that could help finance a PI), Charity gets wind of her granddaughter's whereabouts and turns at the Sharmas'.

Sarah looks for clues in Emmerdale

Sarah looks for clues among Priya's stuff

She is livid with Sarah but before Charity can shepherd her out of there, Priya returns!

Sarah searches for clues in Emmerdale

… but she also pockets jewellery thinking she could use it to fund a PI

The pair are all ears as Priya gets on the phone with Kirin's sister. Will Sarah's crazy idea end up giving Charity a lead?

Charity and Sarah hide in Emmerdale

Livid Charity arrives at Holdgate to get Sarah out of there but is forced to hide when Priya suddenly returns home and gets on the phone to Kirin's sister…

At the HOP, Vic (Isobel Steele) is grateful when Luke (Max Parker) helps out.

Victoria is relieved in Emmerdale

Victoria's taken aback to see her ex Luke

Observing the exes, onlooker Amy (Natalie Jamieson) concludes there's still a spark between them and decides to play Cupid…

Amy has a plan in Emmerdale

Amy's chuffed as she notices a spark between exes Luke and Victoria, and decides to play Cupid

Elsewhere, Dan asks about compensation money and is left hopeful.

Dan is hopeful in Emmerdale

Dan is given news about his compensation money
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