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Emmerdale spoilers: Nervous Chas and Paddy attend a baby scan

As a nervous Chas and Paddy prepare for their scan, Paddy decides to build a garden in Gracie’s memory in Emmerdale

Pregnant Chas and Paddy are nervous as they attend a scan to check on their baby's health having recently lost a child

Chas and Paddy have a big moment ahead of them: their first scan. But with their first newborn daughter recently having died at birth following developmental complications, the parents are terrified.

Later, the ecstatic couple return home with the good news that all is well so far. With their emotions running high, Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy (Dominic Brunt) are overwhelmed to find the memorial garden in Gracie's memory has been finished!

As the pair vow to have a happy, stress-free pregnancy, they hear an alarming crash outside and are left stunned when they race outside to check it out…

Bear Wolf has crashed in to Gracie’s garden in Emmerdale

Bear Wolf, Paddy's dad, makes an entrance (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Bear Wolf has crashed in to Gracie’s garden in Emmerdale

Paddy, Chas and co run outside having heard the sound of a huge crash (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

In the middle of Gracie's garden, sat on his bum is Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards), Paddy's biological dad, who's crashed through the flowerbeds on his motorbike! Why has Bear turned up out of the blue?

Bear Wolf has crashed in to Gracie’s garden in Emmerdale

Biker Bear has crashed straight into Gracie's memorial garden! (Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

Elsewhere, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is riled by Ryan Stocks (James Moore) and Aiesha Jutla's (Shila Iqbal) growing friendship.

This is the first of tonight's episodes.

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