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Emmerdale Spoilers! Teenagers Gabby Thomas and Liv Flaherty on trial...

Liv Flaherty, Gabby Thomas

What will the verdict be when Gabby and Liv go on trial for spiking Lisa Dingle's drink with ketamine?

The day Gabby and Liv have been dreading arrives. They're in court following the debacle which saw Lisa Dingle hospitalised after being spiked with ketamine. The whole thing was Gabby's idea and was meant to be a joke played on her mum's boyfriend Daz. Gabby stole the drug from Vanessa's vet bag – but it was roped-in Liv who put it in the drink. As the case is heard, Liv's solicitor makes a right hash of defending her. Gabby apologises but Liv is too upset to even speak… What will the judge decide?

Ross struggles on with his painkiller addiction, painfully observed by Rhona. She's feeling terrible for not telling her boyfriend Pete that his brother is in way over his head with the meds but a promise is a promise.

Paddy breaks the news to Marlon that he's moving in with pregnant Chas yet omits to tell him they've got engaged. Chas finds out there's a reason she's feeling permo nauseous: she's got hyperemesis gravidarum.