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Emmerdale spoilers: Maya REVEALS who ATTACKED her… Was it David?

David confronts Maya in hospital in Emmerdale

Maya reveals who attacked her as prime suspect David is grilled by police detectives

Following the shock attack on Maya (Louisa Clein), she's in hospital and the police are looking for the culprit. But with Maya having so many enemies now that her abusive 'relationship' with teenager Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) has been exposed to all the village, the list of suspects is pretty long. Her ex, David (Matthew Wolfenden), who is also Jacob's furious dad, is at the top.

After being visited by PC Swirling at the shop, David heads to the hospital to confront his ex. But as a bitter argument erupts, their angry exchange is interrupted by Swirling. When Maya (played by Louisa Clein) claims a 'random woman' attacked her, is she telling the truth? Is David off the hook?

Later, corrupted Jacob – who loathes his dad for suggesting he was groomed by Maya – sticks the knife in and reveals a terrible truth about David which leaves his loved ones sickened…

The grieving Dingles find Lisa's bucket list and vow to complete her heart's desires.