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Emmerdale spoilers! The police arrive at Home Farm and ban the guests from leaving!

Police in Emmerdale

Following Kim Tate's shocking fall the party is over at Home Farm but as the guests try to leave the building, the police stop them

The masquerade ball at Home Farm has come to a shocking end. After Kim Tate made her grand entrance at the charity do, spouting off about being the real owner of the village pile, she fell to the floor where she now lies out cold among the broken glass of a Champagne Fountain! But it was no accident, she was pushed…

Emmerdale spoilers! Kim Tate DEAD after fall at Home Farm?

The legendary soap baddie takes a huge fall - who pushed her? About half the village has a motive!

The emergency services need to get to work but as the guests attempt to leave the do, they're stopped in their tracks by the police! The locals reel as they're told they won't be going anywhere as there are questions which need to be answered…

Actress Claire King who plays superbitch Kim Tate said of the her character's demise: "Kim would suspect it would be one of the Dingles. She'd hedge her bets that Charity pushed her as she was the gobby one at the party."

But do the detectives solely want to discuss Kim's fall - or are there other agendas which need also clearing up?

Brace yourself folks, it's going to be a long night...

Second episode of Emmerdale this evening.