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Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona about to call things off with Pete at their engagement party?

Emmerdale Rhona Goskirk

At the Woolpack, Vanessa throws a surprise engagement party for Pete and Rhona who are both plagued with doubt about their future

At the Woolpack in Emmerdale, an engagement party is underway. But will the do come to a screeching halt before the night is through?

As their guests get merry, Rhona (Zoe Henry) and Pete (Anthony Quinlan) are plagued with doubt. For Pete, he's worried that he's never going to have kids of his own while Rhona's just not sure her heart is in it.

Will anyone pick up on the tension between the pair? Will they call it quits before landlady Charity (Emma Atkins) calls time at the bar?

This is the first of tonight's episodes.