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Emmerdale spoilers! Ryan encourages Dawn to FIGHT to get her son out of the care system

Emmerdale Dawn and Ryan

Ryan helps recovering addict Dawn who is determined to get her son out of care

Dawn needs a friend right now and luckily for her loyal Ryan (James Moore) is that man. The former prostitute is determined to get her life on track, clean up and get her son out of the care system.

When she hears the appeal to have her boy adopted has begun she's desperate. As Dawn (Olivia Bromley) cries on Ryan's shoulder he encourages her to fight for what she wants. With his wise words ringing in her ears, Dawn steadies her self and vows to do just that… but what's the plan?

Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) King are at an impasse in the marriage but their feud isn't just hurting themselves any more.

When Jimmy's phone rings, he blanks it, thinking it's his wife. It isn't Nicola, however. It's Elliot's school - the lad has gone missing!

The emergency gives Nicola a massive wake up call. She's relieved to find Elliot really quickly but her son's worried words makes her realise she and Jimmy need to shape up. Can the Kings find their fire again?

Nicola tries to resolve things with Jimmy

Can Jimmy and Nicola save their marriage and keep their family together?

Elsewhere, predator teacher Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) sees Jacob with Liv and jealously realises the pair are getting closer by the day.