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Emmerdale spoilers: What's Tracy caught Maya doing?

Tracy nearly catches Maya and Jacob in Emmerdale
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Maya Stepney is getting passionate with secret teenage 'lover' Jacob at Tug Ghyll when Tracy comes home and wants to know what's going on

At Tug Ghyll, Maya Stepney has snuck in with her schoolboy Jacob Gallagher (Joe Warren Plant). The pair are having a secret affair which needs to stay under wraps as not only has Jacob just turned 16, manipulative Maya is his history teacher and is going out with Jacob's dad David.

As Maya Stepney is about to head upstairs with snacks to share with Jacob, Tracy comes home and wants to know what she's up to! Forced to cover, panicked Maya (Olivia Clein) throws Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) under a bus and tells Tracy she's upstairs with a guy!

Maya's lie gets Tracy off her back - but puts her on to Leyla's instead. Jumping to conclusions, Tracy reckons Leyla's been getting steamy with her current date Billy! When the women run into each other, innocent Leyla is stunned when Tracy launches herself on her! Jacob clocks the commotion and feels terrible.

Jacob is guilt ridden to see Tracy and Leyla arguing in Emmerdale

Tracy attacks Leyla thinking she's been getting with her man, Billy

Marlon Dingle's taken aback when he finds Rhona Goskirk distraught. As parents of her only son Leo, the exes have a super close bond. Will Rhona (Zoe Henry) confide her pain in Marlon (Mark Charnock)?

Marlon's shocked to find Rhona in tears in Emmerdale

Marlon Dingle comforts his distraught ex Rhona who's just had a hysterectomy and is now dealing with the sudden onset of the menopause

The first of tonight's episodes.

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