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Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy needs to reunite with Vanessa as Frank's funeral looms

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Can the grieving sisters find a way to resolve their differences over their dad's death?

Emmerdale siblings Tracy (Amy Walsh) and Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) just can't get on track.

Their dad's death in the Sharmas' factory fire has pushed them poles apart. One minute, Vanessa is blaming Tracy for what happened and the next they're butting heads about their dad's part in the killer blaze.

While Tracy, who was saved from the flames by Frank moments before he died, is determined not to think ill of her hero dad, Vanessa isn't convinced that the former conman wasn't up to something dodgy when the fire started - why else would he have been in the factory which was closed?

With Frank's funeral looming, can the quarrelling sisters make up?

Elsewhere, Charity (Emma Atkins) hears fantastic news, and Graham (Andrew Scarborough) makes a discovery.