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Esther has news for Grace!

Jazmine Franks plays Esther Bloom in Hollyoaks

On the eve of her wedding day, Esther Bloom makes a big decision...

After Grace and Frankie’s antics, Kim and Esther scramble to save their big day. Esther knows Grace is to blame and tells her she won’t marry Kim if it means they can be together – unaware Kim has heard everything!

Meanwhile, Ellie suggests Nathan should make Cleo jealous and reckons Lisa could be just the woman to help. Elsewhere, Joanne confides in James that her mother’s dying. To take her mind off her upset, Joanne makes a play for Liam and they leave the pub together.

Also, Mercedes agrees to make the transfer for Maria. But when she goes to meet the dealer, Marco, some of the drugs are missing and she has to flee. Meanwhile, Maria has faked her illness and is tucking into a sandwich at the McQueens.