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Fran steps up her campaign against Jac!

After making a formal complaint against Jac Naylor for patient negligence last week, nurse Fran Reynolds presents Hanssen with a dossier she’s created detailing Jac’s mortality rates as a surgeon and demands he take her complaint seriously. When Fran learns Jac plans to trial a complex new heart device on patient, Alice, Fran tells Alice’s sister that she’s little more than a surgical guinea pig for Jac. In theatre, it looks like Jac’s been overly ambitious when she runs into a problem with the applicator for the device. When Fran publicly gloats about Jac’s struggle in surgery, Jac wants her transferred to another ward. Then, as Jac resorts to personal insults to wind her up, Fran punches her! Is Fran's future at Holby over? And will we ever find out why she seems to despise Jac?

Meanwhile, Serena’s disappointed when her daughter bails out of their planned Christmas together. Raf and Fletch are also dreading the festive season - but perhaps Serena has the perfect solution to ensure they all have a Merry Christmas...   

All loved-up, Dominic's keen to buy the perfect Christmas present for new beau Lee with the help of a willing patient. However, Dom's left heartbroken when he realises his lover is a conman who has ripped him off!