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Gino’s Italian Express – ITV

Gino’s Italian Express

Gino D’Acampo travels from majestic Lake Garda to Bolzano in the Italian Alps in this week’s Gino’s Italian Express on ITV

It looks like Gino’s caught the wrong train in this week’s Gino’s Italian Express on ITV, when he’s greeted by a group of lederhosen-clad dancers in a place speaking German (pictured above).

He’s in the city of Bolzano, gateway to the Italian Alps, having travelled there after a spot of rowing and rustling up a sausage and bean casserole on Lake Garda.

Gino’s Italian Express

Gino cooks a sausage casserole on the shores of Lake Garda in this week’s Gino’s Italian Express on ITV

As Gino takes a cable car further into the mountains, you half expect Julie Andrews to join him for a singalong as the whole scene looks like something from The Sound of Music.

Here, Gino rides on the 100-year-old Renon line, enjoying spectacular views, before cooking a deconstructed apple crumble.

This series has definitely become one of our favourite things… 

This will be shown at 10.45pm in Northern Ireland.

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TV Times rating: ****