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Gino’s Italian Express – ITV

Gino’s Italian Express

In this week Gino’s Italian Express on ITV, chef Gino D’Acampo travels from Siena to Asciano and soaks up the delights of Chianti in more ways than one

What better way to view Tuscany’s beautiful countryside than from a stream train? That’s Gino’s transport this week in Gino’s Italian Express on ITV, taking him from Siena to Asciano.

Here, he learns more about Siena’s famous Palio horse race (which fittingly enough is raced at the Piazza del Campo), and he finds out that the town of Asciano has their very own version – with donkeys.

They’re not really Gino’s style, so after a very uncomfortable ride on one (pictured top), he sticks to what he knows best – rustling up a traditional panaforte fruit cake instead.

Gino’s Italian Express

Gino enjoys a Chianti bath in this week’s Gino’s Italian Express on ITV

Gino’s final stop is in Chianti country, where he not only samples the wine at a local vineyard, but has a bath in it too!

Cin cin!

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TV Times rating: ****