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Grace Black hatches a plan!

Hollyoaks spoilers! Grace is on a mission to find Adam’s killer. What will she discover?

Grace Black wants revenge on Sienna and Warren in Hollyoaks... and needs Darren, Maxine and Tony's help

Furious with Sienna and wanting revenge, Grace recruits Darren, Maxine and Tony to help her get rid of Sienna and Warren and tells them about her plan to burn down the garage.

As Grace entices Warren with a business proposition at The Loft, Darren, Tony and Maxine let themselves into the garage with Maxine’s key. They’re faced, however, with Warren sat inside. The three hapless fire-starters run for their lives, unaware Grace tipped off Warren.

Meanwhile, John Paul is stuck in the middle as Myra and Sally continue to argue over him. But when it comes to giving James a slap for how he treated John Paul, Myra and Sally team up and give him their best shot before calling a truce!

Also, Jesse catches Celine’s eye and offers to give him a VERY hot stone massage – but she accidentally burns him in the process!