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The Greatest Dancer - Ep 5 - shows Ellie
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Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo host the final of The Greatest Dancer, with a special performance from Dance Captains Oti, Matthew and Cheryl

Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo host the grand final of The Greatest Dancer

After dancing their socks off for eight weeks, four acts remain to battle it out in the live final of The Greatest Dancer.

One of the standouts has been 14-year-old contemporary dancer Ellie (pictured), so we’d be very surprised if she’s not gracing the stage tonight.

Dance Captains Oti Mabuse, Matthew Morrison and Cheryl will be watching from the sidelines – and performing, too!

With a £50,000 prize and the chance to be on Strictly Come Dancing , who will be crowned the Greatest Dancer?

TV Times rating: *****

Greatest Dancer

Hosts: Jordan Banjo and Alesha Dixon (Image credit: BBC)

Jordan Banjo shares his advice with TV Times on how the finalist can dazzle on the dance floor…

What has it been like hosting the show alongside Alesha Dixon?

Well, there hasn’t been any pressure on me to dance, which has been nice.

At the auditions, I enjoyed sitting with the friends and family of the acts and just watching.

Usually with these shows, there’s a clear frontrunner, but I really don’t know who’s gonna win!

Any tips for the finalists?

The dancers need to remember that the reason the mirror opened at their first audition was because they connected with the audience.

Certainly make the performance ‘bigger’ as it’s the final, but don’t lose who you are or change things too much. Just be yourself.

Can you believe it’s 10 years since Diversity won Britain’s Got Talent?

No! It’s crazy. It makes me feel old. I’m sat here with a couple of injuries, surgery on my knees, wondering what’s happened to me...

What’s your standout memory of the BGT final?

The atmosphere was tense. I remember all of Diversity standing on stage at the end, and, when hosts Ant and Dec revealed that saxophonist Julian Smith had come third, we all started high-fiving and thinking second place was great – as far as we were concerned, nobody was beating Susan Boyle!

It’s only when I saw a few of the boys fall to the floor and start crying that it dawned on me we’d won! No one was more shocked than us.

What advice would you give to kids who want to take up dancing?

When I teach, I always tell my students, don’t be afraid to mess up because you’re here to learn.

As Diversity, we’re lucky enough to perform in arenas and do sell-out tours and we mess up all the time.

So don’t let not being confident hold you back. I’ve been dancing for over 15 years now and I still get nervous. You’ve just got to do it!


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