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Has Dr Browning killed Mercedes?

Fearing for Mercedes, the McQueens take the law into their own hands. Myra goes round to see Dr. Browning. He's in the shower and as she starts to tidy up, she finds Mercedes' blood-stained scarf... Carmel overhears Browning talking to Jim and her fears are confirmed when Browning says "she's dead". She tells Myra to call the police but, after further investigation, it seems Browning is innocent.

Darren is confused by Nancy's increasingly tetchy mood. Meanwhile, Frankie is throwing away all the medication she can find in the house, in anticipation for Esther's return. Nancy is furious when she finds out Frankie has thrown away her painkillers and resorts to desperate measures when she steals some of Esther's medication.

George tells Callum the news about Ste and is excited about the future - unaware that Ste regrets his decision and doesn't feel the same way. Later, George's whole world falls apart when Ste tells him their night together meant nothing.