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Has Gary uncovered the truth about Alya?

As Yasmeen enthuses about wedding venues, Alya snaps at her and Zeedan can tell she’s hiding something. Elsewhere, Gary pours his heart out to Jason, telling him how much he loves Alya. Worried sick, Alya calls at No 11 to find Jason and Gary putting the world to rights. Deeply unsettled Alya suggests to Gary they run away together and marry in secret!

Eva’s upset when Aidan tells her that if she wants a job she’ll need to attend an interview. Clearly wound up, Eva approaches Aidan in the Rovers and demands he interviews her and he’s clearly impressed with her fighting attitude.

Fiz is touched to see Tyrone back so early, especially when he explains how he just wanted to be with his family. But when Tyrone promises Hope she can visit Santa in Lapland at Christmas, Fiz points out she’s too sick to travel.

Kylie breaks down as David and Kylie put the finishing touches on Gail’s new room, knowing that Callum's buried nearby.