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Has Phil put Janet in danger?

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Billy is called into work and has to miss out the Easter Egg Hunt, leaving Phil to take Will and Janet. When Ben angrily rejects Phil's attempts to talk to him, an upset Phil turns back to the bottle. With his mind elsewhere, Phil lets Janet wander off, leaving Billy and Honey terrified. A missing Janet is found by Nancy in the barrel store, who returns her to her relieved parents. Pushed too far by Phil, Honey tells him that he's on his own.

Abi feels under pressure when Ben insists they book a baby scan, with Abi confessing to Babe that she also has Chlamydia. As Abi breaks down, Babe realises that they need to think up something fast to stop Ben finding out the truth about Abi's condition. When a drunk Phil turns up at The Vic and has it out with Ben, Babe pushes Abi into a raging Phil's path, so Abi is knocked over...

Stacey is back for a day visit and is touched when Martin gives her an engagement ring. When Martin sees Kush spending time with Arthur, he struggles to see them together, but manages to keep the peace. After Carmel arrives and accidentally stirs things between Martin and Kush, Martin tells Kush that he can't play happy families anymore. Later, Kush bonds with Nancy, who is in an equally bad place, and they end up in bed!