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Heather and Jimmi stick together

(Image credit: BBC)

Jimmi shares the memories of abuse and reveals his deepest fear that he may be a bad father to their child, but Heather is convinced that he will be the best father her baby could ask for. Jimmi and Heather make plans for the nursery and Jimmi suggests that he should be the baby's father for real – they don't need to tell Phil a thing.

Rob arrests Ryan Harker for downloading obscene images of children. While Ryan's fiancé Kerry is in bits, Kerry’s daughter seems unaffected and when questioned, she reveals she set Ryan up. Taking responsibility for how much her previous marriage has affected her daughter, Kerry promises to get Sarah help.

Howard receives an automated alarm at the police station – The Mill has been broken into. He arrives and finds Ayesha, who drunkenly claims she needed somewhere to crash. Realising how lonely she is, Howard decides to cut her a bit of slack.