Hector sets up a seduction

(Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions (WR) Ltd/Alan Peebles)

Following last week’s passionate kiss, PE teacher Hector is keen to take things further with science teacher Sue.

Married Sue has asked Hector to give her some space. But undeterred player Hector decides to up his game in order to get Sue into bed!

Aware Simon is neglecting his wife in favour of work, Hector plants some spa vouchers among Sue’s post. When Simon ends up working late yet another night, Sue decides to head to the hotel spa. There Hector is waiting with cheeky charm, open arms and a hotel room, where the pair end up in bed together.

Meanwhile, headmaster Vaughan has relationship issues of his own. Girlfriend Allie discovers Vaughan’s been paying his ex-wife Olga’s medical bills. Allie’s furious they’ve been scrimping and saving while Olga’s been living in luxury at an expensive clinic.

Vaughan makes it clear to Olga their 20-year marriage is over. But although Allie hopeful this will lead to a new chapter for their relationship, Vaughan is still harbouring guilt over splitting up his family.

Elsewhere, Lenny begins to crumble under the stress of his upcoming mock exams. In a bid to help Lenny computer whizz Kevin bypasses the school’s computer system and discovers everyone’s predicted exam results. Unfortunately troublemakers Lisa and Shaznay get hold of the grade predictions and stage an exam boycott.

Christine steps in and helps Lenny and Lisa come to terms with their changing relationship. However, no one realises how disillusioned former star pupil Kevin has become after his stroke last term...


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