Holby City spoilers: As tensions rise among protestors, Ange is assaulted!

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As the High Court makes its decision over Holby City patient Holly, it looks like Ange Godard - the medica at the centre of the case - could be in danger…

It's judgment day as the High Court decides the fate of Ange Godard's brain-dead patient Holly Cartwright. Ange wants to turn off Holly's life-support against the wishes of her parents Michael and Ruth, who want to move their 16-year-old daughter to a clinic in America for 'experimental' treatment.

With the 'Save Holly' protestors in full voice, Holby boss Henrik Hanssen (Guy Henry) then informs Ange she's being targeted by online trolls. When the High Court rules Holly’s life-support should be turned off, Hanssen makes a statement to the media.

But as tensions run high among the protestors, Ange finds herself on the receiving end of some major hostility when one of the mob throws cold tomato soup all over her!

As Holly's life-support is officially switched off, Hanssen publicly confirms her death. As protestors shout out 'murderer', director of nursing Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw) speaks out in Ange's defence…

holby city fletch hanssen media

After Hanssen tells the media about Holly's death, Fletch (pictured left) defends Ange to protestors...

Later, Hanssen is forced to tell Ange that her personal details have been published online and several death threats have been made. Ange is swiftly moved to safety – but could someone else at Holby be in danger?

Elsewhere, Fletch's young son Theo is staying in the hospital crèche and ends up giving him the run-around, and Frieda Petrenko returns to work to be met by an eager-to-please Zosia Self. Will the pair be able to work together?

Also, Ric locks horns with son Kofi over granddaughter Darla.

This episode of Holby City was moved in the schedules to this new date and time.

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