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Holby City spoilers: Can a patient help with Nicky's cash CRISIS?

Holby W7 Nicky Steve blackmail
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When patient Harry is admitted to Holby and learns of Nicky's money worries, he makes her a surprising offer. Is it too good to refuse?

After giving blackmailer Steve £2,000, Nicky McKendrick hopes she's seen the last of him, so she's stunned when he turns up at Holby demanding another £1,500 by the end of the day – or he'll double it!

Medic Nicky treats patient Harry, who needs a heart operation but could be on the waiting list for three months. Harry, however, is desperate to return to his native India, to be by his dying father’s bedside.

Holby, Nikki, Harry, bribe, grab

Could patient Harry provide a solution to Nicky's cash concerns?

Having been made aware of Nicky’s financial problems, Harry says he can give her the money she needs – in exchange for 'urgent' surgery. Will Nicky take the bribe to get evil Steve off her back?

Meanwhile, Sacha's feeling down and, assuming it's because he's single on Valentine's Day, Ben takes it upon himself to arrange a blind date for the consultant. However, when old friend Rabbi Stein turns up at Holby for treatment, he can see Sacha is not himself.

That's when Sacha admits he's reduced the dose of his anti-depressants. Sacha doesn't want to become over-reliant on his meds - but does he need a little more time to heal?

Elsewhere, a loved-up Cameron is looking forward to impressing Chloe with a romantic evening. Donna, however, is less than impressed with Xavier's romantic efforts and it's clear he feels inferior to 'Superman' Cameron, especially following his recent 'heroic' surgery.

Later, Cameron and Chloe's evening doesn't go to plan when he makes it clear he wants to take their relationship further - and Chloe freaks out!

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.