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Holby City spoilers: Chloe goes on the HUNT for Ange!

Amy Lennox plays Chloe in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

Frantic with worry that her mother Ange has suddenly vanished, Holby City's Chloe Godard will stop at nothing to find her…

After being suspended over the death of patient Bobby Edwards and telling Ange Godard she thinks Cameron was responsible, Chloe's now deeply concerned about her mum in Holby City.

And we know she has good reason to be, as the most recent episode of Holby City saw scheming medic Cameron Dunn - having become aware Ange was onto him - drug and kidnap her. This week, we find a dazed and confused Ange tied to a chair in the basement, her tormentor standing over her, considering his next move…

Nic Jackman plays Cameron Dunn in Holby City

When Ange started interfering, Cameron knew he had to stop her in her tracks...

Meanwhile, despite being on suspension, Chloe returns to the hospital worried that her mum didn't come home the previous night. So she really starts to panic when she finds Ange's car still in the car park and her belongings still in her office - yet Ange is nowhere to be seen…

Back up on AAU, Cameron's due to perform a very complex surgery, but it's a procedure that someone with Ange's experience really should be around for. Cameron begs Holby boss Max McGerry to let him start the operation in her absence. He knows there's rumours going around the hospital about his capabilities as a medic and he’s keen to prove himself…

As they talk, though, Chloe bursts in, adamant that Cameron saw Ange last and demands to know where she is! Will Chloe work out what's happened?

Dawn Steele plays Ange in Holby

Will Chloe work out where Ange is before it's too late?

Meanwhile, the complicated triangle between Sahira Shah, her dad Reyhan and her one-time mentor Henrik Hanssen continues.

When Donna queries how Reyhan managed to shoot to the top of the transplant list for a new liver, it’s revealed it was actually Hanssen - not his daughter Sahira - who manipulated Reyhan’s UKELD scores, to spare a desperate Sahira from having to do it herself. He did this for her - despite how much he hates Reyhan, who we recently discovered abused Hanssen at school.

Guy Henry plays Hanssen in Holby

It's revealed Hanssen manipulated Reyhan's scores to push him up the transplant list...

Max finds out about the indiscretion just as Reyhan’s new liver arrives, so she has no choice but to go ahead with the transplant. During the procedure, however, Hanssen makes a mistake, which results in Reyhan ending up in a coma. Sahira doesn’t blame Hanssen, saying he tried his best. But did he?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.