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Holby City spoilers: Dominic decides to SUE the hospital!

Holby Dominic Copeland David Ames
(Image credit: BBC)

After his life-changing surgery, Holby medic Dominic Copeland wants someone to blame, and makes a controversial decision...

Following the horrific car accident a few weeks back, medic Dominic Copeland needed urgent abdominal surgery that has left him with a permanent stoma in Holby City.

As he struggles this week to come to terms with his uncertain future, Dom (David Ames) puts pressure on Sacha to discharge him from hospital early, so he can sneak out on a date.

By pushing himself too hard, though, Dom ends up straight back on the operating table.

Dom survives - again! - but when he then learns Sacha pulled him from the car wreckage too hastily, which resulted in him needing such life-changing surgery, Dom is furious.

Sacha operates on Dom Holby W8

Sacha (Bob Barrett) believes he's saved Dom's life. Unfortunately, Dom doesn't see it that way...

Wanting revenge, Dom declares he's going to sue Holby! How will his friends and family react?

Elsewhere, Alex and Donna are like lovesick kids and enjoying being in the early days of their romance. But as we know this is Holby and no one stays happy for long… not least when Alex uncovers a secret.

Basically, Alex gets a shock when patient Bobby tells him that HE was the cyclist who knocked down his late brother Xavier, causing him to hit his head on the kerb and die instantly.

Back then, Xavier had unearthed key evidence that would incriminate killer Cameron. Not wanting to be rumbled, Cameron took Xavier’s satchel and fled!

Holby City Cameron W8

Looks like Cameron's (Nic Jackman) deadly past could be coming back to haunt him...

So Cameron’s day turns into a nightmare when he’s recognised by Bobby as being at the scene of the accident.

Will Cameron be looking to silence someone else?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.