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Holby City spoilers: Fletch panics as son Theo is kidnapped!

Holby City Fletch Theo kidnapped
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Holby City's director of nursing Fletch is at his wits end when his young son Theo goes missing from the hospital. Is the boy in real danger?

Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher faces every parent's worst nightmare this week when his young son Theo goes missing.

At first, director of nursing Fletch thinks Theo’s just playing games and giving him the run-around. But when Holby boss Hanssen calls to say the hospital is on high alert after Ange Godard received death threats from protestors in the Holly Cartwright case, Fletch fears his son's been kidnapped.

Fletch is relieved when a call comes from Theo’s phone and he hears him laughing on the other end. But events take a chilling turn when the phone cuts off then Fletch gets two worrying texts: 'This is for Holly' and 'Don't call the police'. As the reality dawns that Theo HAS been kidnapped, Fletch breaks down…

Holby security hunts for Theo

An anguished Fletch (Alex Walkinshaw, left) looks on as Holby security checks CCTV footage...

With Fletch ordered to stay inside while hospital security hunts for Theo, the dad-of-four feels powerless. With the clock ticking, Hanssen insists it's time Fletch called the police but he refuses and, alone, he tries to reason with the kidnapper himself via text.

When that doesn't work, Fletch decides enough is enough and – armed with a scalpel he's stolen from the ward – goes in search of Theo himself! When Fletch then discovers his dad Stephen has installed a phone-finder app on his mobile, he's confident he can track down Theo, and his kidnapper…

Meanwhile, Dom's self-defence classes come in handy when he has to rugby-tackle a stranger he sees bothering Chloe on Keller. However, it turns out this 'stranger' is none other than Chloe’s on/off boyfriend Evan Crowhurst (played by Jack Ryder, best known as Walford’s tragic Jamie Mitchell)

Evan wants Chloe to return to the hospital they worked in together – and come back to him, too. But with Dom keen to pursued Chloe that Holby's the place for her, what will she decide?

Also, Donna realises she may have the mother-in-law from hell following a chance meeting with Zav's mum. Nanette quietly makes it clear to Donna that she's not right for her son – will Zav be able to put his manipulating mother in her place?

Holby City continues on BBC1 - please note this episode was originally meant to go out on Tuesday, but was moved to Wednesday.

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