Holby City spoilers: Kian disturbs a drugs ROBBERY!

Holby Kian drugs dash Week 1
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When Kian catches a patients relative trying to steal painkillers, he intervenes. But does he have an ulterior motive?

Jac and Kian are proving quite the dream team working the NYE night shift on Darwin. Turns out they’ve been in each other’s pockets all Christmas, so Jac understands if it’s getting a bit too much for him - but Kian thinks it’s romantic them doing a double shift together on New Year’s Eve.

What’s not so good, though, is that Kian is back on the drugs and he’s thrown when he discovers he’s nearly out of pills. On the ward, patient Janice - a woman with a history of angina - is admitted in considerable pain and her anxious son Jonah wants to know what’s wrong with her. When Janice’s test results come back clear, Jac and Kian wonder if she’s taking her angina meds properly.

Holby Jac Kian

Jac and Kian are proving quite the dream team on Darwin. And romance has blossomed...

Later, the case takes a sinister turn when Jac and Kian catch Jonah stealing painkillers from the drugs trolley. Kian gives chase and Jonah admits he’s been swapping his mums meds out for paracetamol. He says he needs them, so he can keep working during the pandemic.

Kian urges Jonah to hand over the pills and he’ll say no more. But it seems Kian might have an ulterior motive… As Kian has been unable to get hold of his own dealer, Sarah Jane, he takes the pills off Jonah - and keeps them for himself! It looks like Kian’s secret is hidden, for now, but is it only a matter of time before his addiction is exposed?

Meanwhile, It’s anything but a Happy New Year for Sacha as he’s forced to consider his future. When Beka is taken ill with stomach pains after having drinks in Albie’s with his new girlfriend Jodie, Sacha doesn’t immediately rush to her aid (he’s, of course, unaware that Jodie’s actually poisoning Beka!).

Holby City Beka Levy Week 1

Beka (Francesca Barrett) is rushed to hospital. Will this be the reality check dad Sacha needs?

This behaviour is out of character for normally caring Sacha, who eventually admits to Beka that he feels she hasn’t been there for him.

Later, in a heart to heart, Beka tells her dad that HE’S the one who’s cut himself off from everyone - including her - because he can’t face life without Essie. Sacha claims he’s trying to move on… and Beka knows by that he means with Jodie.

However, Beka reckons he needs proper time to grieve for Essie and, therefore, should end his relationship with Jodie. What will he decide?

Also, mental health nurse Lucky wants staff to open up about what they’ve lost in 2020. Will Donna finally start grieving for Xavier?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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