Holby City spoilers: Sacha PROPOSES to Patricia! Will she say yes?

Bob Barrett Holby City
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When consultant Sacha Levy discovers new love Patricia faces deportation, he takes drastic action to try and help her stay in the UK…

When Sacha Levy was in the grip of his depression, there were concerns all round that the kind-hearted, loud-shirt-wearing consultant might never smile again. All that changed, though, when he struck up an unlikely friendship with hospital cleaner Patricia Ghraoui and the pair fell in love.

Sacha's got a real spring in his step, this week, as he sets about cleaning up Patricia’s (Sirine Saba) storeroom as a surprise. He's even hidden chocolate truffles behind all her favourite cleaning products!

Sacha’s happiness is short-lived, however, when he finds a letter revealing Patricia’s visa extension has been rejected. Worried that he’s the cause of her problems, Sacha has a mild panic attack…

Sacha confronts Patricia with the letter, asking why she didn’t confide in him. When he asks what stage she’s at in the application process, Patricia stuns Sacha by revealing she now faces deportation!

Sacha and Patricia proposal

Wanting her to stay in the UK, Sacha proposes to Patricia. But will she say yes?

Wanting her to stay in the UK, Sacha proposes to Patricia. But will she say yes? Later, as Sacha finds Patricia packing up her belongings in the storeroom, he realises he can’t face losing the one person who brings so much joy to his life. Not knowing any other way he can help Patricia, Sacha asks her to marry him! Will Patricia accept his proposal?

Elsewhere, Xavier’s due to perform one of the most important operations of his career, when his mother Nanette turns up at Holby in desperate need of help.

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