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Holby City Spoilers: Trauma surgeon Bernie Wolfe is back!

Holby City Spoilers: Trauma surgeon Bernie Wolfe is back!
(Image credit: BBC)

Can Bernie Wolfe persuade consultant Serena Campbell to rejoin her in Nairobi?

Serena gets a big surprise, this week, when her long-distance lover Bernie Wolfe returns from Nairobi. Bernie (Jemma Redgrave) has been setting up a trauma centre there and Serena had agreed to join her imminently to be its other lead surgeon, so Bernie can’t understand what’s keeping Serena at Holby.

As Bernie and Serena prove once again they’re a dream team in theatre, Serena’s nephew Jason’s pregnant girlfriend Greta arrives at Holby with stomach pains. Bernie treats Greta and is pleased to report that mother and baby are fine, putting lactose intolerant Greta’s pains down to her eating too much cheese.

When Bernie tells Serena she understands she’s chosen to stay at Holby because Greta, Jason and their upcoming baby are her family now, Serena reassures Bernie she IS coming to Nairobi. Later, however, Greta is rushed back to the hospital in premature labour. Can Bernie and Serena work together to save her baby?

Also, Abigail and Fletch's relationship is tested over the question of commitment, and Meena makes a terrible discovery.