Holby City spoilers: What's troubling Sacha? Why does he turn nasty?

Sacha Holby City

Will anyone notice that Holby's lovable consultant is not feeling himself?

Sacha Levy is always the one Holby City consultant people can rely. But this week he starts behaving really out of character. Turning up to work wearing a more sombre shirt to his usual, flamboyant style, Sacha then surprises Fletch when he reveals he wants to scrap the research project he was working on.

Sacha soon finds something new to focus on, though, when Patricia – the hospital cleaner he befriended a while back – is admitted. Feeling a bond with Patricia, Sacha ensures she has the best care as she undergoes urgent surgery – but he then tells Patricia he’d love to take her out when she’s better! Sacha knows he’s massively overstepped the mark – but he can’t help but feel dejected when she spurns his advances.

Then, when Sacha’s daughter Becca texts saying she can no longer make a spa weekend he had planned, the normally laid-back Sacha calls Becca in a rage and leaves a nasty voicemail message!

Meanwhile, with Essie recovering in hospital following a total hysterectomy, long-time friend Sacha comes to brighten her day but, later, she begins to wonder if he’s the one that needs cheering up. Essie reminds him it’s important to talk about things – but Sacha insists he’s fine, saying it’s just been a day of ‘knockbacks’. Is he telling the truth?

Meanwhile, Donna’s keen to plough ahead with her cosmetic surgery sideline but she needs to find a medic who can prescribe any drugs she’ll need to use – a ‘backseat botoxer’ as she calls it.

When Dom turns her down, Xavier steps forward to offer his services. Donna, however, gives him short shrift, telling him he doesn’t have the bedside manner she needs to make her business a success. But could this be the perfect partnership?

Also, Meena makes it clear to Nicky that she’ll stop at nothing to impress Jac Naylor – when it comes to business, friendship has to come second. Nicky’s devastated – but can she play Meena at her own game?

Holby City continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1.

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