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Holby City spoilers: Will Chloe unearth Ange and Dom's BIG secret?

Ange Godard Dominic Copeland and Chloe Godard in Holby City
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Is Chloe Godard about to uncover the major news her mum Ange and medic Dominic have been keeping under wraps all this time?

Since discovering medic Dominic Copeland is her biological son, Holby consultant Ange Godard has kept the news secret from her daughter Chloe. But, this week, Ange thinks it's time Chloe knew the truth.

Ange asks Chloe (Amy Lennox) if she wants to join her for dinner that evening and Chloe agrees. With her plan seemingly in place, Ange warns Dom she's going to tell Chloe that he's her son – and Chloe's half-brother. Dom's anxious but pleased that things will finally be out in the open…

Ange knows she has to tread carefully with Chloe as she's just broken up with boyfriend Evan. So both women are stunned when Evan (Jack Ryder) turns up as Keller’s new locum registrar!

Chloe tries to work alongside Evan but, when Ange sees she’s struggling, she secretly arranges to have him moved to another hospital.

Scheming Evan, however, soon suspects Ange has been meddling. So when he then spots an email titled 'Chloe' in Ange's inbox from Dom saying: 'Message me after you’ve told her' Evan decides two can play that game – and secretly forwards the email to Chloe!

When Chloe confronts Ange over the email asking what she wants to 'tell her', Ange plays dumb. However, Chloe's certain she's being kept in the dark over something and decides to get to the bottom of things her own way. Will she find out the truth? And how will she react if she does?

Meanwhile, Kian is certain he recognises patient Victoria Parker as an actress from a cult horror movie but when he asks her she denies it. Victoria needs a heart operation but is in remission from bowel cancer and doesn't want more surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Later, however, Victoria admits to Kian that she was in the film – and it ruined her career! She then explains that, when she got cancer, she stopped acting all together. Can Kian encourage Victoria to have the surgery and get her life – and acting career – back on track?

Also, Ric's got family trouble when his pregnant granddaughter Darla turns up at the hospital having skipped school. Darla reveals she's being teased by kids at school and says she wishes her baby didn’t exist. Ric tells her she can keep the baby, have the baby adopted or she could consider a termination. What will Darla decide?

Holby City continues on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC1.

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