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Holby City spoilers: Will medic Nicky McKendrick quit?

Belinda Owusu plays Nicky McKendrick in Holby City
(Image credit: BBC)

Racked with guilt over her relationship with Cameron, will Holby City doctor Nicky McKendrick leave the place that holds such bad memories?

Still reeling from the fallout from the Cameron saga, medic Nicky McKendrick makes some big decisions about her future this week in Holby City.

Pregnant Nicky (Belinda Owusu) is back at work but, consumed with guilt over her relationship with ‘Killer Cameron’, makes the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion to rid herself of his offspring.

Holby Cameron Nic Jackman Week 12

After Cameron's arrest last week, pregnant Nicky has a difficult decision to make about their baby

Nicky seems resolute in her decision. However, during surgery, she starts to bleed and fears she’s had a miscarriage. But if it’s what she wanted, why is she so devastated?

Later, Nicky has an ultrasound scan and falls in love all over again with her unborn child. Knowing she has to put the health of herself and her baby first, will she turn her back on Holby?

Meanwhile, with new accusations circulating on social media of Sahira's father Reyhan abusing children, Hanssen can't contain his anger any longer and warns Reyhan that he's going to tell Sahira how he abused him as a child.

Holby Laila Rouass plays Sahira Shah in Holby City

Sahira is alarmed by what she reads about her father on social media...

When Hanssen fears Reyhan might be grooming his own grandson Abs, will he carry out his threat?

Elsewhere, Ange is back at work following her kidnapping ordeal, but an over-caring Josh suspects she’s returned too soon and their frustrations explode on the ward. But could sparks be flying for another reason?

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8.20pm on BBC1.