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Hollyoaks spoilers @25: Brendan Brady is in the dock for murder

Brendan Brady

Brendan Brady is remanded in custody after his court hearing

In tonight's episode of Hollyoaks@25 on E4 - see our TV Guide for full listings - Silas feels triumphant as he reads the front page news. It’s Brendan’s bail hearing but he’s remanded in custody.

Silas in Hollyoaks

Cheryl decides to confront Nancy after the article she wrote made her brother look guilty, while Lynsey returns to the police station and asks them to look at some messages on her laptop, which she believes were sent by Silas under an alias.

Cheryl in Hollyoaks

Cheryl and Warren visit Brendan in prison

Elsewhere, Cheryl and Warren visit Brendan in prison and he backs up Lynsey’s claims that Silas framed him. However, the police catch up with Lynsey at The Dog and reveal to everyone that they checked her laptop, and she’s been sending messages to herself…


Nancy is still focused on her work, while Darren feels ignored. He decides to spoil Nancy with a special home-cooked meal. However, she’s too busy writing her next article and stands him up.

Plus Jacqui and Rhys are getting on well after his birthday and she treats him to a takeaway lunch, ending in a food fight. Rhys is delighted when Jacqui agrees to go camping with him.

Hollyoaks@25, which celebrates 25 years of Hollyoaks and looks back at some of the soaps most memorable episodes, airs every weekday 7pm on E4. New episodes of Hollyoaks will begin again in September