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Hollyoaks spoilers: Cindy fears for her life as Milo continues to keep her captive


As Cindy's panic rises she makes a desperate call to Tom but is Milo about to silence her once and for all?

It’s Milo’s birthday and the Cunninghams, who have no idea he is holding Cindy captive, have bought him a toy axe as a gift!


Later on Cindy, who is still being kept prisoner in Milo's secret lock- up, slowly starts to gain Milo’s trust but just as she thinks she’s safe, she notices the fake axe in his bag and thinks it’s real.


In a panic she manages to swipe her phone from Milo and quickly message Tom a warning that Milo killed their parents!


Will Tom get the message and what will murderer Milo do next? Is he about to silence Cindy…forever?

Elsewhere, Romeo plucks up the courage to contact his dad, James Nightingale, who still doesn’t know he exists.

However when Romeo shows up at his home, James is rude and slams the door in his face before Romeo even gets the chance to explain who he is.


An upset and dejected Romeo decides to leave Chester but as he says his goodbyes, it’s clear that Lily is going to miss him. Has she got feelings for him that she’s been hiding?

Plus Ellie is shocked to discover that Marnie has cleared out all the money from the business account to furnish the flat. Strapped for cash, her mum reveals she is planning to sell The Dog in order to pay off her outstanding bills. Will she find a willing buyer?

Hollyoaks is shown weekdays on C4 at 6.30pm with the next episode following on E4