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Hollyoaks spoilers! Is Liberty's life in danger when Milo sees her being kidnapped?

Liberty savage from Hollyoaks smiling

Milo is scared when he sees Liberty being bundled into a car and driven away. Has she been kidnapped?

Liberty is out for a run when a car suddenly pulls up alongside her and the driver bundles her into the passenger seat. A scared Milo witnesses the scene and is worried that she’s been kidnapped. Will he raise the alarm and what dark secrets has Liberty been hiding?  Is her life in danger?

Elsewhere, Ste is furious when Harry unplugs the fridge by accident leaving all the food inside to go off. An angry Ste is already struggling to make ends meet and Harry’s partying is making matters worse.

Later on Harry gives Ste a wad of cash he claims he earned from doing nightclub promotions work but where did he really get the loot?