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Home and Away spoilers: New copper Chelsea Campbell arrests Dean Thompson

Home and Away, Chelsea Campbell, Dean Thompson

Dean's flirty fun with Summer Bay newcomer Chelsea comes back to haunt him when the policewoman arrests the dodgy surfer dude!

Dean Thompson is shocked when he discovers his ex-girlfriend Willow Harris has confessed to the police she was Dean's partner-in-crime during the break-in and credit card scam at Summer Bay restaurant, Salt.

Willow's current boyfriend, Justin Morgan, puts pressure on local policeman Colby Thorne to make Willow's police statement "disappear". But when it becomes clear that isn't going to happen, Dean storms over to the Morgan house and gets into an argument with Willow about what she has done.

However, when Dean outstays his welcome, Mason Morgan calls the police and the next moment Dean finds himself being arrested by new policewoman in town, Chelsea Campbell for making a nuisance of himself!

Meanwhile, Colby is in for a surprise when he discovers why his ex-fiancee Chelsea asked to be transferred to the police force in Summer Bay. She is still in love with Colby and wants him back! But does Colby feel the same way?

Also, the Astoni family anxiously keep their fingers crossed, as mum Maggie awaits her latest hospital test results to see if she has finally beaten the cancer after all the treatment she has been through. Will it be good news?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5