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Home and Away spoilers: Is Jasmine Delaney and Robbo's engagement OFF?

Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney, Robbo

In the fallout from Tori's baby bombshell, Robbo is shocked his fiancee Jasmine kept the secret from him. Will the couple break-up?

Robbo storms off after discovering his friend Tori Morgan is now pregnant with his child, having secretly continued with the IVF treatment they began together.

Tori pleads with Robbo to see the baby as a good thing. But when she realises the angry gym boss is about to explode with rage, she gives him some space.

Home and Away, Robbo, Tori Morgan

There's a showdown between Robbo and Tori... (Picture: Channel 5)

However, there's another shock in store for Robbo when he discovers his fiancee Jasmine Delaney already knew and kept the secret from him.

Disgusted by her lies and betrayal, Robbo makes it clear he won't marry a woman he cannot trust. Is Jasmine and Robbo's engagement officially OFF?

With Jasmine's world falling apart because of Tori's dishonest behaviour, she storms over to the Morgan house and slaps Tori!

Meanwhile, Dean Thompson has barely been away from Willow Harris's hospital bedside after she was accidentally shot by Ross Nixon on the day of Colby Thorne and Chelsea Campbell's dramatic wedding day.

Home and Away, Dean Thompson

Dean has nightmare visions of the fateful day Colby killed Ross... (Picture: Channel 5)

Colby wonders why Dean still hasn't declared his true feelings for Willow. But it's clear the surfer dude has other things on his mind, as he is haunted by flashbacks to that fateful day Colby shot dead Ross and they buried his dead body. Can Dean keep it together and stop the terrible truth getting out?

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