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Home and Away Spoilers: Robbo's memories finally return and the Morgans get news about Ava

There's more shock in store as Robbo's memory is jolted and he remembers his past

A handcuffed Robbo is bundled into a warehouse where he meets a federal police officer who confronts him with images and stories from his past.

Robbo is utterly floored as his memory starts returning and he realises he was a federal police officer himself who was required to go undercover. What other shock revelations will come to light and what does this mean for Robbo's future?

Meanwhile, Raffy and Ryder begin handing out flyers in the Bay to try and locate Ava, but their hearts sink when Colby informs the family that the police have no new leads.

However, there's shock in store when Raffy later finds a ransom note under the door demanding $25,000 for Ava's safe return. She's been kidnapped!

Elsewhere, the residents pull together to help the Astonis as Maggie's worries about Ziggy being a donor increase, plus Jasmine struggles to contain her shock when Colby opens up and reveals the family secret that has been haunting him for years...