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Home and Away spoilers: Robbo becomes the new owner of the Summer Bay gym!

Home and Away, John Palmer, Robbo

Ex-Federal Agent Robbo signs on the dotted line to become the new owner of the gym. But can he save his friendship with Jasmine after THAT kiss?

As Robbo officially becomes a business owner by buying the Summer Bay gym, his friendship with Jasmine Delaney is on hold after he kissed her. Jasmine quickly flees the scene of the "crime" and shares her woes with friend and landlady Irene Roberts. What should she do?

Robbo apologises for the kiss and doesn't want to make things any more awkward between them. But why is Jasmine being so resistant to Robbo? Could it be she secretly has feelings for the hunky ex-Federal Agent after all?

Elsewhere, Maggie Astoni is 50 days and halfway through her cancer recovery. The high school principal is determined to get back on track with things that have gone wrong while she has been ill.

That includes tutoring her teenage daughter Coco and her friend Raffy Morrison, whose school grades have slipped. But all the extra study sessions mean Coco's boyfriend Ryder Jackson will have to take a backseat for now. How will he take the rejection?

Meanwhile, Tori Morgan continues her research into ways to beat the donor list for IVF treatment. But she's hit by a lightbulb moment when friend Leah Patterson suggests she ask someone she knows to be her sperm donor! But who?

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5.