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Home and Away spoilers: Will Brody Morgan and Simone Bedford break-up?

Home and Away, Simone Bedford, Brody Morgan

Just when it looked like Brody and girlfriend Simone were ready to start a new life away from Summer Bay, things have gone wrong...

It really looked like Brody Morgan and his girlfriend Simone Bedford were all set to leave Summer Bay and start a new life together. Brody put his restaurant Salt up for sale and Simone was offered a maternity teaching position.

But now it looks like Brody may have changed his mind about selling Salt and leaving the Bay. Is the chef going to abandon his future with teacher Simone?

Home and Away

WHO will be the buyer of Salt? (Picture: Channel 5)

During a heart-to-heart with Simone, Brody admits the reality of selling Salt has started to hit him, especially as he had quite a bit of interest from buyers. But after another annoying run-in with his estranged wife Ziggy and her pot-stirring buddy, Dean Thompson, Brody is reminded of the REAL reason he and Simone are best off leaving the Bay. So it looks like the move is back ON!

Home and Away

Ziggy and Dean are renovating this old banger! (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Ziggy has thrown herself into the car renovation project with Dean, to take her mind off her marriage break-up. And when mechanic Ziggy hears about a charity car rally, she excitedly tells Dean she wants to get their car up and running so they can enter the competition!

However, not everyone's happy about Ziggy and Dean's plans. Bella Nixon reckons the friends are getting too close for comfort, which is not fair on Dean's ex-girlfriend, Willow Harris. How will Dean react when Bella confronts him and puts him on the spot about Willow?

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