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Home and Away spoilers: Will Justin Morgan and Willow Harris break-up?

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Willow Harris

Justin's future with girlfriend Willow could be short-lived when the heavy ultimatum he gave her returns to haunt him. Will they break up?

Justin Morgan thought he was doing the right thing for his relationship when gave his girlfriend Willow Harris an ultimatum to "break-up" with her troubled ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson, because of all the drama the surfer dude was bringing into both of their lives.

However, Justin doesn't realise just how miserable Willow has been feeling being parted from her former partner-in-crime Dean, who seems to have happily moved on with his life.

So after Willow snaps at Justin and shuts down his plans for them to go on a roadtrip together, he realises he needs to make some big efforts to get back in his girlfriend's good books.

But when Willow explains she's tired of living with the stress of wondering what will happen if Justin catches her talking to Dean, can the couple find a way forward? Or will Justin's ultimatum prove to be the end of them?

Home and Away, Justin Morgan

Justin is stressed-out over what to do about his relationship with girlfriend Willow (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere, Raffy Morrison is in hospital for a medical assessment after her angry outburst and refusal to take her epilepsy medication. But hospital doctor Tori Morgan is confident she can talk Raffy round and make her see sense in continuing to take her medication to reduce the risk of further epileptic fits.

Home and Away, Maggie Astoni

The Do It For Cancer Fundraiser kicks off! (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, after weeks of preparation, the day of Maggie Astoni's big cancer research fundraiser arrives. But the day gets off to a bad start when Maggie's husband Ben gets into a showdown with Justin when he catches him having a go at daughter Ziggy...

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